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“ I infiltrated to the innermost heart of the Sierra Madre’s mountain range; and arrived, armed with my cameras; the contact was so revealing that now I see the great leap I took... I discovered myself. Now I know what I came for..” - - - Mariana Yañez.
Publicaciones In 2013, she published her book “Los Colores de México” (The Colors of Mexico), with images of Mayan origin communities, mostly Tseltals and Tzotsils. In 2017, she publishes “Corazón Rarámuri, retratos de la Sierra Tarahumara” (Raramuri Heart, portraits of the Tarahumaran mountain range). She has awarded numerous distinctions in amateur and professional photographic forums, as well as constant publications in international level photographic virtual magazines. She is currently an active member of the National Geographic’s “Your Shot” community of photographers, with recognitions for two of her photos as the most popular images on the “Daily Dozen” segment.

Yañez Mariana

Los Colores de México

Yañez Mariana

Corazón Rarámuri



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